Summer 2017

  • What a wonderful painting of a chick Rejus.  We like his smile and feathers.  Well done.
  • Dhrubo proudly announced he had made a "Snake". We can see his eyes looking up at us.  Fantastic Dhrubo.
  • Wow what an impressive building Archie! You have used lots of different shapes to build your "Batman Cave Game". It is a very tall building - well done.
  • "Sofija and Alice in the garden".  Good use of lots of different materials Sofija - wooden blocks, logs, materials and green carpet for the grass.  We can see you and your friend Alice too!
  • We love the slide Sami made out of different shaped wooden blocks.  We wonder what you are going to slide down your slide?
  • A fantastic "pretty flower garden by the beach".  We love the use of different materials, bright colours and flowers.  When can we visit your beach garden Aaliyah it looks very inviting.