Autumn Gallery 2017

  • What a fantastic tower Sofia.  It is so tall - well done.
  • Wow Rex what a great skyscraper.  Well built Rex.
  • Great team work.  Jessica, Lily and Rex you worked really well together to build Disneyland with all its rides.  When can we visit?
  • Wow! An amazing rocket Ria complete with astronauts.  Ria proudly announced that her rocket was going to "The Holiday Planet!"
  • Jessica you built an amazing Rapunzel's Castle out of building blocks. We especially like the turret at the top of your tower.
  • What a wonderful racing car Frank.  We love all the different shapes you have used to build it.  Are you going to enter it into the Grand Prix.
  • Naira made a table and proudly named members of her family sitting around it - "We are eating chicken".  Well done Naira
  • Riley what a fantastic "Monster Truck" made out of K-nex - look at those big wheels.  Well done Riley
  • Wow Eleanor you have made a great chicken out of clay.  You proudly told us that "it is sitting on a nest".  Well done Eleanor.