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  • Michelle keenan 3 years ago
    Charlie loves coming to nursery, loves to be creative and this is all thanks to the teachers
  • Danielle K 3 years ago
    A fantastic nursery with outstanding facilities - a lovely huge outdoor area which is well resourced. My child settled in from day one and has grown and grown in confidence. Thank you to all of the wonderful staff for being so nurturing and caring. He comes home every day telling us all about the different activities he’s taken part in, stories he’s heard and songs he’s sung. We particularly like to see his paintings and woodwork. I like being updated via tapestry to see what he’s been getting up to during the day and another good feature is being able to share what we do at home.
  • Suhana 3 years ago
    Raseem loves to be out in the nursery garden as it is so big and full of fun things to do, such as the climbing frame, slides, riding bikes and playing in the den. I enjoy seeing all the pictures on tapestry of what he has been up to. The staff are enthusiastic and encouraging which has had a big impact on my son's development. Thank you to everyone at the nursery.
  • Julia 3 years ago
    Wow! The new website looks so good. The children's gallery shows all the great things the children do at our nursery. Well done everyone
  • Louise 3 years ago
    I wish I had known about this nursery when my son was 2. The outdoor space is a real bonus and the activities on offer for the children are fantastic from woodwork, to remote control cars and science experiments. It is such a hands on nursery and the children are always doing something. My little boy has always been a bit tricky to settle at a care setting but he has settled so well at Gloucester. I put this down to the engaging activities and environment on offer and the caring and kind nature of the staff. We are so lucky to have this nursery on our doorstep. I will definitely be sending my youngest son here when he reaches 2. Its a cut above all the others I have seen and our son just loves it.
  • Vikki 3 years ago
    Absolutely love this nursery! Ronnie has the best time at nursery to the point he want to be there everyday, even at the weekend :) He started doing 2 days at the age of 2, after the first term I changed to 3 day as he enjoyed it so much, by the third term he was going to be doing a full week but due to covid this wasn't possible as we were in lockdown. Everyday for months Ronnie was asking when he could go back to play (nursery) he missed it so much. His teacher rang a few times to check how he was getting on through lockdown which was lovely, he even spoke with her himself which made him really happy. This was a lovely touch from the nursery! As soon as he went back in September he was over the moon. He always goes in with a smile and come out full of stories to tell.
  • Amy 3 years ago
    This nursery is so passionate about the development of every child. The caring staff have such an in depth knowledge about creating an environment that caters for all needs and abilities. They ensure wellbeing is a main focus as well as providing a wide range of activities. They allow for risk taking and independence whilst creating a safe space for children. They plan thought-provoking activities and use tapestry to share these with parents. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this nursery as both my children have thoroughly loved being there.
  • Esther 3 years ago
    We weren't able to visit due to the pandemic but we are so pleased we chose this nursery! We are very happy with it and most importantly our daughter loves it. She settled in very quickly despite all the necessary restrictions in place this year due to Covid-19. She soon got used to the variety of Covid safety procedures and these have helped us feel safe about our daughter attending nursery. The outside facilities are excellent and they do such a variety of activities. It's a great nursery for instilling good manners, traditional values, discipline and independence. It's difficult not being able to go inside to see what they are doing but we get regular observations and updates via Tapestry and this virtual tour is brilliant! - we love it! Hopefully it will help other parents to see what an amazing nursery it is!
  • Tabitha 3 years ago
    I love this nursery and i would recommend it to everyone i know. Shane loves the nursery so much,not even one day he got upset being there.We opted 3 days and we are happy about it. We have noticed so much change in him especially creativity and confidence,thanks to the lovely teachers. Everyday he learns a new thing,and when i see his little hands with paint and colour i know its been a great day of learning. This nursery has the best teachers i! I love the way i get updates everyday on how my son has been,its amazing. With Tapestry at hand we get to see what he has been doing. The new website...lovely...keep up the good work.! I recommend Gloucester Nursery.
  • Sharon 3 years ago
    Gloucester Nursery School is amazing. Both my children have attended here (both in G2 and G3) and have flourished under the care and attention of the wonderful staff.
  • Sam Ellis 3 years ago
    My son Ethan absolutely loves coming to Nursery. I have no complaints at all, the staff have a great relationship with the children and it’s wonderful to hear the laughter and happy faces of the children.
  • Lorraine 3 years ago
    My daughter loves going to Gloucester Nursery School. She has additional needs and is non verbal which made me extremely anxious when she first started incase her needs were not met, however my worries are no more as I can see how happy she is and relaxed when I drop her off knowing that she has a fun day ahead of her, from messy play to song time and exploring outside in the beautiful garden ( all of her favourite things to do). The ladies are truly amazing and have helped my daughter become more confident and continue to help her independence grow. I would recommend this nursery to everyone :)
  • Gosia 3 years ago
    Kai started to attend the nursery in Jan 2020. It was a strange year due to the lockdowns nevertheless the nursery did so well keeping open when they could. Thanks to this Kai had a good chance to experience this fantastic place. We both (mum & dad) could see how gradually he has been getting his confidence, developing variety of manual skills (great painting, drawing, plasticine making, arts & crafts). He has been coming back home and telling us all new stories that he's learnt or singing new songs. He was encouraged by the staff in his attempts to master two wheels bike riding and he was so proud when he did it :) Kai has made so many friends in the nursery now and it is so heart warming to see him greeting his friends by their names before or after the day. He is so happy going to the nursery and misses the place during holidays. This is a truly fantastic place, run by the great staff. Thank you all!
  • Linda M 3 years ago
    A big well done to Gloucester Nursery! You provide fun indoor activities and have a great large outdoor play area and my daughter absolutely loves attending. Her confidence has grown as well as her overall development in such a short time. Staff are brilliant and have been fantastic during such difficult times. You're consistently vigilant with following covid rules to keep the children and staff safe, so thank you. Keep up the good work.

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