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Mission Statement, Ethos Vision

Development Plan
2022 -2023
"The best for every child and family"


At the Nursery we aim:

  • To ensure that at all times there is an understanding and commitment by everyone that "every child and family matters" and that practitioners work collaboratively within an equality and diversity framework
  • To challenge children to be the best they can be, to make good progress in all aspects of their learning and development and to make a positive contribution to the learning communities of which they are part
  • To provide an environment that reflects the specific needs of individuals, supporting their interests, promoting their engagement and raising their expectations
  • To promote the welfare of all children an and ensure they are safeguarded from harm
  • To ensure the ethos, imagery and language used in the Nursery are user-friendly (in regards to gender, culture etc)
  • To promote healthy lifestyles
  • To ensure a smooth transition for all children
  • To promote the Nursery School within the local community and within Northampton
  • To establish links with providers within the local community and Countywide in order to share good practice and expertise
  • To improve the use of self-evaluation through the quantitative analysis of the outcomes for children and their families.

Great community involvement

Listening to the child’s voice

Outstanding practice and provision

Understanding individual’s needs

Challenge and risk taking encouraged

Every child and family matter

Stimulating learning environment indoors and out

Teaching for the future

Enabling children to build on their learning and development

Respectful and inclusive