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Nursery Organisation

We have 5 large areas - the Rainbow Room, the Sunshine Room, the dining room, the undercover and the garden. At the beginning of each session, after saying ‘hello’ to their family worker, the children are free to choose where they would like to play and they can move freely between the areas. The staff encourage the children to take part in all learning experiences/opportunities indoors and out. Children choose from a healthy choice of snack food and are encouraged to be independent e.g. pouring their own drink, making their own sandwiches. Towards the end of the nursery session all the children enjoy group time with their family workers. Group times might include: dance, music, drama and listening to stories.



Nursery Library

We operate a lending library where children can choose a book to enjoy with an adult. Children can choose a book at anytime.  Story sacks are available for parents/carers to borrow on a weekly basis (Thursdays).